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Why Is Moisturizer Important For Your Skin?

Is it really necessary to moisturize your skin?

Dry skin can lead to leathery or scaly appearances with premature fine lines and increased risks for infections. If you develop an infection, the pathogens enter the microscopic cracks on the skin, which serves as the body’s first line of defense. Skin can become dry from several factors, such as exposure to intense hot or cold temperatures, prolonged sun exposure, and diminutive water intake.

Fortunately, you can prevent dry skin! Aside from avoiding prolonged exposure to extreme temperatures and ultraviolet rays, you should hydrate your skin on a regular basis. Dermatologists recommend internal and external hydration – with plenty of water and liberal applications of moisturizer.

Why should I use moisturizer?

You should never be without your daily dose of moisturizer. Your skin will become healthier and look younger – suppler, smoother and finer –when you apply the right type of moisturizer at the appropriate time with the right amount.

Why is moisturizer important?

Consider the functions of a moisturizer for your skin:

  • Seals in water: the skin loses its moisture to evaporation, especially during hot weather. The application of moisturizer seals in the water in it.
  • Fill in the skin’s microscopic cracks: the deeper layers of the skin usually have more moisture than the upper layer because of the latter’s exposure to the environment. The application of moisturizer aids in drawing moisture from the deeper to the upper layers. Thus, it keeps the skin more moisturized.

Moisturizer allows the skin to keep its moisture levels intact, thus, keeping it suppler, smoother and finer in actual texture and visible appearance. Massaging the moisturizer into the skin stimulates blood circulation and promotes new skin cell generation, both of which are essential in healthy skin.

Additionally regular moisturizing also decreases the appearance of oily skin, which can decrease the risks for acne problems and other unwanted skin issues.

Which moisturizer should I use?

Not all moisturizers are created equal for every skin’s needs. Dermatologists provide the following tips in choosing the right moisturizer for your skin:

  • Consider your skin type. The best choice for all skin types is the hypoallergenic, oil-free, non-comedogenic moisturizer. These contain gentle ingredients that will not clog your pores.
  • Look at the ingredients. Be sure that you will be receiving vitamins like Vitamins A and B5, which increases the moisture levels and nourishes of your skin; Vitamins C and E, which fights against skin damage caused by free radicals and the sun’s rays; and sunscreen, which protects against the ultraviolet rays.
  • Test the moisturizer. Avoid greasy moisturizer as they may end up clogging pores. Instead, find a moisturizer that glides on your skin, feels like silk when applied, and lasts for longer period without the need for frequent re-applications.

Apply the moisturizer after taking a bath, shaving, or exfoliation since these are the times when your skin pores are open or when your skin has been subjected to microscopic trauma.

Give your hands, face and body the love that it deserves!