Carly Hannon

RN, Aesthetic Nurse

Aesthetic Nurse, Hair Removal, Photofacials
Carly Hannon, RN, Aesthetic Nurse

With almost a decade of professional experience in skincare, Carly Hannon is a valuable asset to Healthpointe’s dermatology team. 

Before joining the dermatology team at Healthpointe, Carly attended Kaplan College in San Diego, where she received her Associates of Science Degree in nursing and extensive laser experience.  Carly is also certified by Allergen in Botox and Juvederm.  She has since been with Healthpointe, where she daily practices on patients with skin disorders ranging from acne to skin cancer. As a nurse at Healthpointe, Carly’s lengthy list of specialties includes laser hair removal, sclerotherapy, laser vein treatments, MicroLaserPeel, Profractional laser, IPL photofacials, Skin Tyte, and Exilis treatments.

Carly’s extensive expertise is surpassed only by her passion for making a difference in the lives of her patients. When she is not busy helping patients experience skin renewal and healing, Carly enjoys yoga, sailing, and other outdoor activities. Carly originally hails from Lake Tahoe, Nevada.

To learn more about how Carly and the dermatology team at Healthpointe can help you reach your skin care goals, visit Healthpointe’s dermatology clinic in Anaheim.