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One of the most widespread skin diseases, known as rosacea, can be identified by its reddish, pimply symptoms. Commonly found on the facial area, rosacea has progressive symptomology. Patients are advised to attend to their rosacea to prevent worsening symptoms.

There is no known cure for rosacea, though there are treatments available for symptom relief. The Cosmetic Laser Institute at Healthpointe can provide suffers of rosacea with personalized care and advanced plans that can help to relieve them of their symptoms.


Common symptoms of rosacea include reddish spots, or flushing of the face, which may feel like a burn or sting. Other symptoms include acne-like surfaces, and toughness of the skin.


Although the cause of rosacea has not yet been discovered, many researchers believe it is a result of irritation. Triggers of rosacea include alcoholic consumption, physical activity, climate changes, and spice in food. It is believed that females are more susceptible to rosacea, and that it is a hereditary condition.

The cause of the symptoms of rosacea is the blood flow to the face. When circulation is dilated, the blood can rush to the area of the rosacea, causing the symptoms of a flushed face, and red blotches. Patients of rosacea are advised to manage their symptoms consistently, to prevent further breakouts and damage.


Although there is no known cure for rosacea, there are treatment options available. These include anti-biotic moisturizers, which can be prescribed. For more extreme cases of rosacea, your doctor may prescribe drugs used for treating acne.

BroadBand Light (BBL) is also offered as a non-invasive form of treating various skin conditions including Rosacea. BBL works by emitting light to heat the upper layer of damaged skin thereby displacing the broken vessels that lead to rosacea.

Commonly, patients of rosacea notice fluctuations and remissions of their symptoms. If this is the case, patients are urged to maintain a steady treatment schedule.

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