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Vitiligo is a disease that can lead to discoloration of the skin. It is seen in almost every demographic, though it is most common in teens or children. Common places of vitiligo include the skin on the face, eyes, and scalp. It is easily treated and has many effective treatment options available.

Those with vitiligo have a higher chance of developing skin cancer, hearing impairment, or vision troubles. Sufferers of vitiligo are encouraged to consult with their doctors and specialists for personalized care and assessments of their condition.


Symptoms of vitiligo can present as patches of discoloration of the skin. Usually, patients notice a decrease of pigmentation, on the areas of the body with the most exposure to the sun.

Vitiligo is commonly seen throughout the torso, and extremities. It is sometimes presented more on one side of than the other.


Vitiligo is a result of the decaying of melanocytes. When melanocytes, which are responsible for maintaining the pigmentation of the skin, die away, the skin will lose its color and pigmentation. Many researchers think that the cause of vitiligo is a result of genes, problematic immune systems, or a reaction to irritating substances.


Vitiligo currently does not have a cure, though many researchers have provided temporary treatment options for those suffering from the disease. These include moisturizers (such as corticosteroids), skin graft treatments, phototherapeutic treatments, and melanocytic transplantation. Many patients must undergo several of the options to see results.

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